Why Choose Us?

ONELAB PRO is a professional photography laboratory, being one of the largest industrial laboratories in Europe. At your disposal, a set of products and services in high quality, innovation and variety are our main factors.
We are equipped with the latest technology and use high-quality raw materials that allow us to create innovative products and quality. We import and select the best materials, we have an expert technical team with professional training that allows us an accurate execution and a great attention to detail.
It is a new brand, born in 2016, but part of the LFM Corporate group, with many years of experience in the market in the laboratory and in the professional production. The ONELAB PRO group has about 150 employees, 7 branch offices in several countries and a long history in the photography industry.


We trust on people so we can provide professional service, competitive prices and fast production. Such a creative market demands a personalized service, also becoming a constant challenge and something that gives us joy and satisfaction in each job.

  • Zona Industrial de Tuías Rua 1, nº173 4630-488 Marco de Canaveses • Porto
  • Opening hours: 09h00 - 18h00
  • +44 7452 272751

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