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Multi Panel Canvas

This way is a lot easier to be an artist and create your own art gallery with the best photos! This modern format amazes by its numerous possibilities, from general panoramic to individual size, allowing a wide range of options.

Freedom to create with quality.




Choose the draw of the cut-out, which is more suitable for you.

  • Forsquare

    4 canvas 20x20 or 4 canvas 40x40
  • Triptych Classic

    2 canvas 20x30 and 1 canvas 20x40
  • The E

    1 canvas 50x75, 3 canvas 20x20
  • Timeless

    4 canvas 20x20, 1 canvas 30x45
  • Parquet

    2 canvas 25x50, 2 canvas 50x25 and 1 canvas 20x20
  • Flagstones

    2 canvas 20x20, 4 canvas 30x20 and 1 canvas 20x30
  • Stairclimber

    2 canvas 20x40, 3 canvas 20x20, 1 canvas 65x30
  • Tic Tac Toe

    9 canvas 20x20 or 9 canvas 40x40
  • The Big E

    1 canvas 65x100 and 3 canvas 30x30
  • FilmStrip

    6 canvas 20x20, 1 canvas 65x65
  • Formal Five

    2 canvas 50x90, 1 canvas 30x40 and 2 canvas 20x30

Canvas options

Choose the type of canvas you most desire to print.

  • Fineart Canvas

    Fineart Canvas

    Hahnemühle Fineart Daguerre | 400g
  • Synthetic Fabric

    Synthetic Fabric

    Eco-Canvas Synthetic | 350g


Enjoy the quality of the ONELABPRO products and all your advantages.

  • Tape


    Tough and brown color, it protects the back of the wood.
  • Fixing Bracket

    Fixing Bracket

    Ready for wall mounting, the screen includes a sturdy fixture.
  • Waterproof


    This protection guarantees resistance to "storms" that may occur without being damaged.
  • UV Protection

    UV Protection

    It guarantees the maintenance of the original colors and protects the screen against the light.
  • Anti-scratch Finish

    Anti-scratch Finish

    Plasticization avoids scratches, giving the product a new look for many years.
  • Resistant to sun exposure

    Resistant to sun exposure

    The sun's rays will not wear out the product it would be without treatment.



This is an aesthetic option for the canvas. The ONELAB PRO works with treated pine wood and high quality, creating a superior material with a durability guaranteed.

With the canvas of the same or inferior format of 30x40, the thickness it’s 2cm. The canvas with higher measurements can have a thickness of 2 or 4 cm, able to choose the most appropriate size for your work.

File Preparation

Follow the instructions.

TYPE OF FILE JPG - High Quality
RESOLUTION 300 dpi/inch
Note that the measurements in the file must match the actual format of the desired product. Do not leave safety margins or bleed; Example of a product to the extent of 30x40 cm the file must have this exact measure respecting the resolution presented. Prepare the product file as shown.

How to order

Follow the steps to proceed with the order.

  • Select

    Choose the product, with is characteristics and the quantity you want to order.

  • Upload

    Upload the photos directly or open the editor. Then add it to the cart.

  • Payment

    Choose the delivery data, complete the order and make the payment.

  • Collect

    The order is sent. You can follow the process on Order Status.


To proceed with the ordering process, click on the "Order" button and it will be directed to the Express software. Follow the steps below and receive the product (s) with convenience.