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Large Formats

Give prints a greater photographic dimension. With several sizes available, You can choose the one that suits you better, without losing quality image. In landscape, horizontal or square format, the choice is always yours.

You can apply your prints to rigid supports such as acrylic, k-line, K-mount or Dibond and choose your finishing options from matte to gloss.




Check on the chart the formats available for this product.

  • 20x30
  • 25x30
  • 25x38
  • 30x30
  • 30x40
  • 30x50
  • 30x100
  • 40x40
  • 40x50
  • 40x60
  • 40x80
  • 40x100
  • 50x50
  • 50x60
  • 50x70
  • 50x80
  • 50x100
  • 60x80
  • 70x70
  • 70x100
  • 70x120
  • 100x100
  • 100x150
  • 100x200
  • M Linear*

For out-of-measure formats, the above format is charged (eg 40x92 format, 40x100 format is charged). Prices for formats over 100x200 will be calculated by meter. Lamination in formats over 120 cm (smaller side) cannot be made. *Maximum Width:Lustre Paper:150cm Silk / Velvet / Metallic Paper:76cm Glossy Paper:50cm


Login in the software and check the prices for the available formats of this product. The access to the price list is for customers only.

Paper Options

You can print the product in the following types of paper.

  • Lustre Paper

    Lustre Paper

    Fujifilm DPII Professional Lustre | 234g
  • Glossy Paper

    Glossy Paper

    Fujifilm DPII Professional Glossy | 250g
  • Silk Paper

    Silk Paper

    Fujifilm DPII Professional Silk | 232g
  • Velvet Paper

    Velvet Paper

    Fujifilm DPII Professional Velvet | 240g
  • Metallic Paper

    Metallic Paper

    Kodak Professional Endura Metallic | 240g

Application for Wall Products

Giving, even more, life to photos and making unique pieces.

  • Acrylic


    Imagens com profundidade e irreverência.
  • Dibond


    Rigid, scratch and waterproof resistant surface.
  • K-Line


    Rigid and ultra-light with
    a precise cut.
  • K-Mount


    Lightweight and resistant ob«ver time and light.


The best finish for your photographic materials.

Through the lamination process, the printed product receives a layer of thin, colorless plastic material. The method adds special effects and protects the material from natural handling and wear. See more

  • Ripple Marks Lamination

    Ripple Marks Lamination

  • Glossy Lamination

    Glossy Lamination

  • Matte Lamination

    Matte Lamination


See the table for laminations available on paper.



Lamination options are available for large-format photo prints only.

Velvet and Silk paper types are not listed in the chart because they do not allow lamination.

Passepartout Option

Use the Passepartout option to differ the photographic work and to praise the quality, creating a unique product and to the level you desire.

With a handmade montage, this is a 100% cotton product, with a bevel cut (45°) and one perfectionist finishing. You can choose from various available sizes and types of paper.


The more traditional frame to a more modern, you can choose the most suitable for you. Da moldura mais tradicional à mais moderna, pode escolher a que melhor se adequa ao seu produto. Selecting the type of frame only brings advantages. In addition is a guaranteed protection and will adorn and highlight the picture.

Lots of options.The introduction of the product will depend on the choice you made, can go to a vintage style, with a wooden frame, to something more provocative, brings together the choice of bright colors or highlight decorative elements.

File Preparation

Follow the instructions.

TYPE OF FILE JPG - High Quality
RESOLUTION 300 dpi/inch
Note that the measurements in the file must match the actual format of the desired product. Do not leave safety margins or bleed; Example of a product to the extent of 30x40 cm the file must have this exact measure respecting the resolution presented. Prepare the product file as shown.

How to order

Follow the steps to proceed with the order.

  • Select

    Choose the product, with is characteristics and the quantity you want to order.

  • Upload

    Upload the photos directly or open the editor. Then add it to the cart.

  • Payment

    Choose the delivery data, complete the order and make the payment.

  • Collect

    The order is sent. You can follow the process on Order Status.


To proceed with the ordering process, click on the "Order" button and it will be directed to the Express software. Follow the steps below and receive the product (s) with convenience.